What We Do

We use the latest equipment to keep your business running.

Our automation system design and engineering group provides a wide variety of engineering services and solutions. We can customize a single machine to an entire plant. We provide high quality controls, instrumentation and automation installations for any commercial or industrial need. Our company is a systems integrator for Allen Bradley, Rockwell Automation software and Wonderware. Thomas H Clingan Electrical Services technicians have experience in PLC and HMI work, especially with Allen Bradley, GE, Modicon, Direct Soft, Delta V, Siemens and Omron. Our team uses the latest software and hardware from these and other manufacturers to keep your business up and running.
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Automation System Design and Engineering

We provide a wide range of engineering services and solutions to fit your specific need. We can expand from a single process to an entire facility network. Our distribution partners work with us to install the highest quality controls, instrumentation and automation material.

Motor Control Center Container Design & Engineering

Although our team can build a motor control center anywhere, our niche is to build them locally in sea containers. Building an MCC here at our York office allows us a controlled environment to build and test a unit before installation at your job site. This provides mobility and allows you to move the MCC to another location when you need to.

Control Panel Fabrication

We build custom panels tailored for you. Our staff will start off a project by reviewing specifications, sketches or drawings you have. Our in-house staff then designs and engineers the panel based on many factors including industry standards, material lead times and functionality to name a few. Our technicians are capable of any level of systems integration you require. Our systems integration extends from something as relatively simple as push button control through PLC, various communications protocols and HMI.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

HMI Technology plays an important role in connecting people and devices. In an industrial setting, one of the most valuable aspects of this technology is the ability to monitor production and respond to production demands, which improves efficiency and reduces downtime. We provide the latest HMI software and hardware to meet your operational and budget needs.