They are a Fantastic Company. They are all very Professional. They communicate very well. I know the job will be done correctly. I have never had any issue that was not addressed properly and professionally. I would suggest this company to anyone that needs network cabling done for their business. I have been dealing with this company for 10 plus years. Thank you to all their staff and owners you have always provided 5 star work.

Steven Frankel

I have used Thomas H. Clingan Electrical since they were first formed and have always gotten good service and support from Tom and Ryan Clingan. They have a wide range of services, from industrial electricians, to lineman service to PLC programming and automation and we use all these services to support our operations across central Pennsylvania. Many of our operations are 24/7/365 and Thomas H. Clingan is always there to provide electrical and programming support to keep them going any time of day or night. They have been very reliable right from the start. Our industry is very rough on equipment and we are always looking to improve our processes so we need to have a well-rounded and reliable company to provide the support and manpower needed to keep the plants producing.

Larry Kessler

I’ve known Thomas H Clingan since May 1984. At that time, he worked for an electrical contractor that my family was using for many years. Tom was hired to manage that electrical contractor. When Tom started his own company in 2011 it made perfect sense to continue our relationship. Our plant has been a family operated business since 1872. As you can imagine the plant required many electrical upgrades to increase production. To meet the needs of the community new freezing equipment was required. One of the first hurtles was to replace old antiquated electrical service equipment. Tom came to our plant and engineered the required upgrade. Since our existing equipment had a voltage contrary to what became the new standard voltage, boosting transformers had to be added. The new voltage had to be increased by 32 volts so our old 240 volt motors would operate without overheating. Over the years, we continually added production equipment. Consequently, we had to add additional service equipment to meet the increasing demand. At that point, Tom came in and it was decided that a 480-volt service was the best solution. Tom met with the utility company and they developed a plan that would allow us to add the necessary equipment. Not only did we need new equipment our production facility had to take on a new look, automated ice storage systems had to be developed and lighting changes had to be made. Both of Tom’s companies have worked well with our staff and our subcontractors to facilitate the required changes. I have complete confidence in Tom’s electrical knowledge and capabilities. He has always provided us with quality electricians. I’ve seen him on many occasions provide support to his electricians on the job. He is also not afraid to assist with the installation. Thomas H Clingan Electrical Services possess a large staff that can fulfill any electrical needs. I would highly recommend Thomas H Clingan Electrical Services for any electrical work that may be required.

David Neuman