What We Do

We are the solution to meet your technology needs.

Thomas H Clingan Electrical Services is an installer for a variety of reliable and secure communication systems. Our trained technicians can design, install and maintain your network infrastructure. Their experience and ability to work with copper, fiber optic, coax and wireless systems makes our company a logical choice for you to keep up with the rapid growth of technology integration. We are a strong, single source solution to meet your technology needs. The systems we install and manage are fault tolerant and can handle high volume workloads without crashing. Our technicians are well qualified to work in sensitive areas, especially medical facilities. We understand the importance of network security and HIPAA responsibilities.
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The data within your company will be well-organized and allow your business to be efficient in the areas that are most important. Your employees will also be able to communicate with different departments without interference.


These features allow face-to-face communication in a fast-paced world. It keeps communication intact and clear.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

This wireless service can take your business to the next level by making cell phone use anywhere in your building easy, without interruption. The clarity of making a call outside is brought inside through a network of antennas installed in your facility.

Fiber Optic Installation and Testing

Our technicians have the tools and knowledge to install fiber optic cabling inside or outside your facility. There are many nuances to keep in mind when installing and testing fiber optic cable. Let our capable staff work with you to perform your installation.